My Favorite Songs Of 2013

We All Want Someone’s Best Songs Of 2013

Review: The Spectacular Now

Here’s my review of The Spectacular Now. One of my favorite films of the year so far.

Recap: Breaking Bad | Blood Money | (Season 5 Episode 9) - Filmtastic

My recap of the newest episode of Breaking Bad: “Blood Money” for Filmtastic.

Hello Tumblr

Does anyone even read this thing? Not sure. Apparenly 200 or so of you have found your way to the follow button, but I don’t know how that happened.

Well, I figured I’ve had this tumblr for a few years now, and maybe it’s time to use it. As you know, I blog plenty. I tweet, I 'gram. Etc.. But I haven’t really used this tumblr except to check in on some of the tumblr blogs that I do have interest in. Especially this one.

So I guess I’ll try and keep this semi-updated and see what happens. Don’t expect much, but maybe I’ll use this as a personal outlet for venting, movie & tv thoughts, and all that stuff.

Until next time.